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3rd Floor Takanawa / 高輪の三階

This is a renovation of an apartment which is located in the center of a townhouse in Tokyo. The renovation was done mainly on the 3rd floor ; changing the interior of the rooms, setting the new windows and the iron handrails which the owner purchased and back from Europe, an insulation retrofit and widening of the balconies.

Designing, constructing and the client's move back from Europe were managed in the short period. In this tight schedule, the airy space full of daylight was achieved by deliberately combining materials, colors and ready-made products.

Alongside the carpenter's work,  the owner hacked ready-made furniture and did DIY with scrap wood, then the architect redesigned the total image. Client, constructor and architect, the three of the agents refined the image of the space and shared it on the site. This project is a happy "bricolage" by the three of them.










Type : House, Renovation   用途 : 住宅, 改修
Location : Tokyo   場所 : 東京
Design : 2015,9   設計 : 2015,9
Construction : 2015,9-10   施工 : 2015,9-10
Area : 30 ㎡   面積 : 30 ㎡
Photo : Motoki Yamamoto   写真 : 山本基揮