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Townhouse with 15 boxes / 15の箱と15庭と15のテラス       


This is a proposal for 5 housing on the hill, which is part of the housing land development with 588 housing in total.

In general, a land boundary creates a clearance gap which enwraps the house as an oblate and ,spatially, cut off relationship with neighbors. Where some houses are to be planned together, there is a possibility that this boundary can become fuzzy by planning and neighbor-gathering can be facilitated. We would like to propose a way of gathering which is different from the apartment houses or single-family houses.

In this project, the five houses are composed of 15 boxes and 15 yards which are laid out in a checkerboard pattern in order to utilize the spaces between buildings positively. Large garages, small yards and terraces like a pocket park, half buried boxes, which are joined along the landscape, make the borderlines fuzzy and encourage neighbors' sharing of in-between spaces.






Type : House   用途 : 住宅
Location : Osaka   場所 : 大阪
Design : 2014, 12   設計: 2014, 12
Competition : Tama Home Design competition 2014, honorable mention   コンペ : タマホーム デザインコンペティション 2014, 佳作