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SHIBUYA QWS / シブヤ キューズ



This is a membership community space located on the 15th floor of “Shibuya scramble square”. The 2600 sqm floor is divided into areas such as Project space, Event space, Salon ,and so on, according to people’s activities and these areas are connected by the central space ,Lounge. People’s activities cross each other in the spaces like Café, Kitchen, Workshop and Gallery located on the nodes.We aimed to create a continuous city-like space where different character spaces could be seen and hidden.

Each area has "fixed things" such as architectural features like small rises, niches, and large counters or functionalized and furnished columns, braces, and floors, and “moving boundary”like sliding walls, curtains, projector screens, and banners, thus users can actively find various places and usages.

As a material, using a technique of "Mi-tate" and re-edit while carefully examining the effects such as reflection and color of materials, we actively adopted typical materials in the office interiors like tile carpets, OA floors, rock wool sound absorbing boards and system ceilings. We proposed new standards for workspaces.





渋谷スクランブルスクエア内に計画された、会員制の共創施設。2600㎡のフロアは中央に位置するラウンジを中心に、人々の活動に応じて、プロジェクトスペース イベントスペース、サロンといったエリアに枝分かれしており、ラウンジとそれぞれのエリアとの結節点に設けられた、カフェ、シェアキッチン、ワークショップ、ギャラリーを介して、多様な活動がオーバーラップします。異なる性格の空間が見え隠れしながら連続する街のような空間を目指しました。






Type : Office, Community space   用途 : 事務所, コミュニティスペース
Location : Tokyo   場所 : 東京
Design : 2017, 6-2018, 4   設計 : 2017, 6-2018, 4
Construction : 2018, 9-2019,8   施工 : 2018, 9-2019,8
Area : 2660 ㎡   面積 : 2660 ㎡
Photo : upper / lower :Gottingham / Ichiro Mishima 写真 : 上段 / 下段 : Gottingham / 三嶋一路
Media : SHOTENKENCHIKU 2020,4 掲載 : 商店建築 2020,4