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Public space in Oimachi / 大井町のパブリックスペース


This is a proposal for a Design competition-Public space in front of Oimachi Sta.

Independent toilet booths surrounded by wooden lattice walls offer a airly and clean space and light from the lattice walls illuminate the park as the lantern of the town. The park along the lattice walls continues from the toilet with the wooden bench offering a space for staying hails to the event space in front of Oimachi station and brings migratory.









Type : Public space   用途 : 公衆トイレ・公園等
Location : Tokyo   場所 : 東京
Design : 2018, 8   設計 : 2018, 8
Competition : Design competition-Public space in front of Oimachi Sta.   コンペ : 大井町駅前パブリックスペース設計コンペティション
Cooperation : TAKAHIRO ENDO ARCHITECTS OFFICE   協働 : 遠藤隆洋建築設計事務所