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1st Floor Kumagaya / 熊谷の一階

This is a renovation of a house. We put a working space in the former storage near the entrance and make a big wooden terrace in front of the living room and the master room, which reconstitute the spatial relationship between the rooms on the ground floor and outside space.

The terrace which works like a broad outside corridor makes a new migratory and this extension of the living room also works like a big entrance space. In addition to this, to layout working space nearby the main entrance space brings clear characters to four entrances including the deck space and makes a new relationship between the house and the garden surrounding it.

In the renovation of the living room needs deconstruction to make it expansive, we select materials and colours of the elements according to their record to integrate the image of the existing and the image of renovated things. We keep the existing wooden frames and furniture colored dark brown as it is and select light brown material for renovated wooden elements and put black colour to the newly added elements like the big slide door, the kitchen counter and the beams.











Type : House, Renovation   用途 : 住宅, 改修
Location : Saitama   場所 : 埼玉
Design : 2018, 3-6   設計 : 2018, 3-6
Construction : 2018, 6-9   施工 : 2018, 6-9
Area : 120 ㎡   面積 : 120㎡
Photo : Motoki Yamamoto   写真 : 山本基揮