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Townhall in Kiso / 木曽町役場


This is a proposal for an open competition of the town hall in Kiso.

In order to make the symbolic town hall which suits the natural features of the region, we make a big roof along the ring road which brings a structural form and layout latticed structural wall units which are made of wood from the region under the roof.

The town hall has Two plazas underneath the roof and a field on the ring road and each open outside space has its own character. At the time of disaster combined these three outside spaces offer an integral space for people living in the town.





リングロードを骨格として周辺の段々畑から山並みへと連続する大屋根の下に 町内産材のヒノキを使用した壁柱ユニットで空間を構成し、場のシンボルとなる庁舎を目指しました。





Type : Townhall   用途 : 庁舎
Location : Nagano   場所 : 長野
Design : 2017, 10-11   設計 : 2017, 10-11
Construction : 2500 ㎡   面積 : 2500 ㎡
Area : Open competition-Townhall in Kiso   コンペ : 木曽町役場本庁舎・防災センター公募型プロポーザル
Cooperation : TAKAHIRO ENDO ARCHITECTS OFFICE   協働 : 遠藤隆洋建築設計事務所