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Kamoya-do "Livingroom in town" / かもや堂-街角のリビングルーム-       


This is a proposal for the design competition in Fujisato. It's required to comvert a diner which was popular amang locals to a comunity center.

We put an stage between the street and the small park in front of the neighbor community house to make the space kind of "Living room in the town" which combines the outside space and the inside space.






Type : Restaurant to Comunity center, Conversion   用途 : 食堂からコミュニティーセンターへの改修
Location : Akita   場所 : 秋田
Design : 2015, 9   設計: 2015, 9
Competition : Renovation competition ”Kamoya-do”   コンペ : かもや堂リノベーションコンペ