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Apartment Ishikawadai / 石川台のアパート     

This is a renovation of an apartment. In order to make clear the hidden composition in the previous plan with " three boxes and in-between space", some walls, doors and ceilings are removed and each box wrapped by differnt material. This is a trial to achieve a big effect by small changes.

Three boxes, each of which contains toillet, kitchen or bedroom, have niches like a bench, a tatami room or a cabinet, which creats various scenes in the daily life. The view from the tatamiroom to bedroom is diagnaly passing through the living space, which makes this apartment larger than in reality. The sunken blue tile space along the window and the baseboard in the bed room which is wider than usual offer space for miscellaneous goods. Finally, the rough-texture beam through the apartment has an effect to accomodate the mixture of various materials and different-style things.



集合住宅の一室の改修。既存の計画に埋もれていた "3つの箱とその間" という構成を明確にするために、一部の壁、建具、天井を取り除き、それぞれの箱を異なる材料で包みなおす。小さな引き算と足し算で空間的に大きな成果をあげることを試みました。




Type : Apartment, Renovation   用途 : 住宅, 改修
Location : Tokyo   場所 : 東京
Design : 2015, 3   設計 : 2015, 3
Construction : 2015, 4-5   施工 : 2015, 4-5
Area : 80 ㎡   面積 : 80 ㎡
Photo : Motoki Yamamoto   写真 : 山本基揮