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House Giniro / ハウス ジニロ



This is a tenement house for rent located in a hilly valley where a residential area spreads. Since the site is located relatively close to the university and the station, it is expected that there will be a wide range of rental demand, such as living alone, families, students sharing, and residences and offices. In addition, since it is adjacent to the owner's house, a plan was required that assumed the use of a villa for the family in the future.

In order to solve the ambiguous premise of not knowing who will live and how, we targeted the relationship between rooms and the arrangement of windows for design, and made a plan based on a typical Japanese house's space matrix made by two characteristics, front / back and open / closed. The relationship with the outside created by the arrangement of windows and the distance from the entrance, in other words, the row of rooms with different qualities born from this matrix, is a series of neutral spaces where you can find your own way of life by using the gradation of these qualities as clues.

Considering the characteristics of this site, which has vacant lots on three sides and a level difference with the adjacent land through a retaining wall, we decided it is appropriate to adopt a seemingly ordinary Japanese rental apartment, that is, a two-story building with a 'cliché' Japanese floor plan.And it brings flexibility of use.









Type : Apartment house   用途 : 長屋
Location : Kanagawa   場所 : 神奈川
Design : 2020, 8-2021, 1   設計 : 2021, 8-2022, 10
Construction : 2022, 10-2023,3   施工 : 2022, 10-2023,3
Area : 105㎡   面積 : 105㎡
Photo : upper / lower : Ichiro Mishima / Motoki Yamamoto 写真 : 上段 / 下段 : 三嶋一路 / 山本基揮