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EGG / たまご

This is an egg-shaped bird's house consisting of some PP sheets in a reticular pattern. This was designed for Kobe city's project to make a birds' town as a symbol for the coexistence of humans and native of Mt.Rokko. Some bird's houses were exhibited at Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in April 2009 and after that they were actually placed in the site on Mt. Rokko.




Type : Bird house   用途 : バードハウス
Location : Hyogo   場所 : 兵庫
Exhibition : Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art   展示 : 兵庫県立美術館 「バードハウスの建築家展」
Design : 2009   制作 : 2009
Photo : Motoki Yamamoto   写真 : 山本基揮
Organizing : Hata Tomohiro Architect & Associates   企画 : 畑友洋 建築設計事務所