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House Azumino / ハウス 安曇野    

This is a house for a couple and two children at the mountain foot of Azumino, Nagano. The husband has two bases, here and in Tokyo, and the wife often invites people home for her work. Considering the following three points, we designed this house. The 1st is their request "a space where people can gather and take advantage of the surrounding natural environment" ; the 2nd is "What is the best way to exist on the border between woods and fields?" ; and the 3rd is the flexibility to accommodate future needs in the space.

In order to realize a large internal space that opens to two different gardens, two L-shaped volumes are placed on a ring-shaped structure, being covered by a gable roof. Adopting a point-symmetrical space structure, contrasts between space A and B are created in the house.

Through a frame of the same shape by a point-symmetrical structure, the subtleties of light in the north, south, east, west, changes in the situation from moment to moment, and differences in seasonal scenery are more clearly captured, and the possibility of choice created by two space arranged symmetrically side by side on the simple grid will bring flexibility to the future life after their children grow up.




南側に広がる田んぼと山並み、北側の雑木林、二つの異なる庭に対して開き、外部へ連続する大きな内部空間を実現するため、リング状の架構に、二つのL型のボリュームを重ね合わせ、切妻屋根をのせました。 南北に視線が通り、二つの庭へと接続する大きな空間。「 」に挟まれた雁行する余白のスペースを中心に、点対称な空間構成をとることで、住宅の内部には対比関係が生まれます。



Type : House   用途 : 個人住宅
Location : Nagano   場所 : 長野
Design : 2018, 12-2019, 8   設計 : 2018, 12-2019, 8
Construction : 2019, 9-2020,3   施工 : 2019, 9-2020,3
Area : 140 ㎡   面積 : 140 ㎡
Strucure : Ryoma Murata Building Studio 構造 : 村田龍馬設計所
Photo : upper / lower : Ichiro Mishima / Motoki Yamamoto 写真 : 上段 / 下段 : 三嶋一路 / 山本基揮
Media : designboom   掲載 : designboom